Mitrah提供在線和現場動物靈氣服務。採用溫和且非侵入性的方法提供能量治療,幫助動物找到平衡並減輕壓力; 對動物的情感、身體和靈魂具有舒緩和治療作用。


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Mitrah offers Animal Reiki services online and on-site. With a gentle and non-invasive approach, Mitrah provides energy healing that helps animals to find balance and reduce stress;  a soothing and therapeutic effect on the mind, body, and soul of animals.

With her profound knowledge and expertise in the field, she utilizes her skills to heal and calm the energies of animals, promoting overall wellness and balance. Whether your pet needs help with physical or emotional issues, Animal Reiki can be a powerful tool to support their healing process. 

Her passion for the well-being of all animals drives her to offer this service to help them live a happy and healthy life. 

She works with all types of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, birds, and exotic pets. Give your animal companion the gift of healing and experience the power of Animal Reiki with Mitrah. 

Mitrah提供在線和現場動物靈氣服務。採用溫和且非侵入性的方法提供能量治療,幫助動物找到平衡並減輕壓力; 對動物的情感、身體和靈魂具有舒緩和治療作用。

憑藉她在該領域的深厚專業知識和技能治愈和平靜動物能量,促進整體健康和平衡。 無論您的寵物是否需要幫助解決身體或情感問題,動物靈氣都可以成為支持其康復過程的強大工具。


她與所有類型的動物一起工作,包括貓、狗、馬、鳥和珍禽異獸。 給你的動物夥伴一份禮物,並通過 Mitrah 體驗動物靈氣的力量。

DISCLAIMER: The animal reiki service provided is not intended to replace seeking professional medical care. It is offered to aid in relaxation and stress reduction to help support the body's natural healing abilities. It is not a substitute for professional medical attention, but rather a complement to it. Mitrah provides this service as a means to support the overall well-being of animals.