Jeremy Tsang
Co-founder, Tech & Finance, Product Design

Jeremy is a Co-founder who primarily focuses on Tech & Finance as well as Product Design. Jeremy is extremely good at one thing, keeping the company running in a business and practical sense. Jeremy主要關注科技和財政,以及產品設計。他對這些領域的所有事情都有專業知識,並具有在商業和實際層面上維持公司運作的非凡能力。

As a Co-founder, Jeremy is instrumental in the creation and development of new products and features. His technological and financial acumen allows him to bring innovative and practical solutions.

His expertise in Finance and Tech makes him an exceptional leader in the business, always ensuring the company stays on track in terms of budgeting and financial planning. He is also well-versed in the latest technological advancements to help the company grow and succeed.

Jeremy's product design skills are a valuable asset to the company, enabling him to create aesthetically pleasing products that meet the needs of customers.

Jeremy 是合一生活的聯合創始人,主要關注科技和財政,以及產品設計。他對這些領域的所有事情都有專業知識,並具有在商業和實際層面上維持公司運作的非凡能力。

他的產品設計技能是該公司的寶貴資產,使他能夠創建符合客戶需求的美觀的產品。 Jeremy 在財政和科技方面的專業知識始終確保公司在預算和財務計劃方面保持正確,幫助公司成長和成功。