OM's Living Group 合一生活

OM's Living Group is your ideal place to achieve spiritual wellness. We offer a unique space for you to explore and learn, and grow on your spiritual journey. 合一生活是您實現心靈健康和整體生活的理想場所。我們提供一個獨特的空間,讓您於自身的心靈之旅深入探索、學習並成長進步。

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Jeremy Tsang

Co-founder, Tech & Finance, Product Design

Jeremy is a Co-founder who primarily focuses on Tech & Finance as well as Product Design. Jeremy is extremely good at one thing, keeping the company running in a business and practical sense. Jeremy主要關注科技和財政,以及產品設計。他對這些領域的所有事情都有專業知識,並具有在商業和實際層面上維持公司運作的非凡能力。

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Mitrah Fong

Co-founder, Healer, Course Leader

Mitrah is the healer and course leader at OM's Living Group where she speaks for & with your pets, souls, spaces, innerchild via her programs, workshops & services. Mitrah是OM's Living Group的療癒師和課程帶領人,透過Mitrah的培訓、課程和服務為您的寵物、靈魂、空間、內在小孩發聲。

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