Mitrah's Animal Talk Journey

Mitrah got to know Rosina Maria Arquati, and was taught directly by her in Hong Kong since 2010. At first only to practice animal talk with her own animal friends and slowly her curious friends heard about this skill and tried out with happy results. Word spreaded and since then Mitrah has been actively practicing animal talk and later provide services worldwide. In 2016, she was ready to enhance her skills and was fortunate to take Rosina's advance animal communication course. Rosina also blessed Mitrah to pursuit her animal journey.With over 12 years soild experience, Mitrah also runs workshop to share animal talk techiques with likeminded people since 2017.  

Mitrah在2010年認識了Rosina Maria Arquati,並在香港接受她的教導。起初,她只是和自己的動物朋友練習動物交談,後來慢慢地,她的好奇朋友們聽說了這項技能,也開始嘗試,獲得了良好的結果。消息傳開後,自此以來,Mitrah一直積極地進行動物溝通,並後來提供全球性的服務。2016年,她準備好提高自己的技能,很幸運能夠參加Rosina的高級動物溝通課程。Rosina也祝福Mitrah能追尋她的動物之旅。憑藉超過12年的豐富經驗,Mitrah自2017年開始還開設了研討會和課程,與志同道合的人分享動物溝通技巧。