Mitrah's Letter to Rosina

Dearest Rosina,

You will always be in my heart.
Thank you for your gentle guidance and without meeting you, I will never be able to help our animals friends and human.

You opened gate that I never thought was opened, you took me in when I was in despair when I lost my first animal friend. You told me I could one day meet them again at Rainbow Bridge and meanwhile I could connect with them. You helped me in ways that was magical.

Still remember that day I seek your advise if I should teach after few years of providing professional services, and you said: whatever I am doing, it must be good otherwise the universe will not guide me to ask this question in the first place.

Your encouragement, your endorsement gave me the comfort and courage I need to take a leap. And today, I am still providing animal talk services and Reiki; I will continue doing so to help our animal friends to bridge the gap with human.

Thank you, my mentor, my teacher, my friend.
May we all meet one day at Rainbow Bridge when time is right. 

- written by Mitrah in Nov 2018.